Name Nick Ellis
Nick Ellis
Position Secretary
Astronomy has been an interest for as long as I can remember. My great grandfather had a collection of optical instruments, some of which I was able to use as a child and point skywards, or perhaps my interest was sparked by some picture books? Either way, I am sure the interest was there by the time I could read !

As part of a physics degree, I took an astronomy option but have gone down an optics route as far as a career is concerned.

Many years ago, my father, brother and myself built an 8″ Newtonian telescope, including grinding and polishing the main mirror. I found this a fascinating activity and hoped that one day I would be able to pursue it again. Alas, work, home-making and available space have prevented this (to date) so I have recently bought a telescope – a 12″ Meade SCT tube and a Losmandy G11 mount.

Interests I am interested in all areas of astronomy including equipment. Other areas of physics such as `elementary particle’, `quantum’ and `space-time’ which these days, encroach into astronomy make for particularly interesting reading.

Other interests include: electronics, computer programming in Visual Basic (still learning), DIY, rambling and mountain walking as well as spending about 4 hours a week keeping fit in my middle age.

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