The Observatory

Available for use by LDAS members, and often the location for public star party events, the LDAS observatory is an amazing asset to explore the skies.

Located at Standalone Farm in Letchworth, the observatory contains a computerised 14″ Meade LX200 on an equatorial mount. The site is easily accessible by road / public transport, and has ample car parking. Additionally, the site is reasonably dark.

Observing sessions for members and their guests are normally held on dates close to a New Moon, to avoid glare from the Moon drowning out other objects in the sky. We also have sessions on other dates specifically to observe the Moon. These can been seen on the PROGRAMME page, but are dependant on the weather.

Before attending a session, a check should be made on the Society’s mobile phone – 07511 761635 – that the weather is suitable to allow the event to go ahead.

More information on the building and history of the LDAS observatory can be seen here:

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