Although membership is not a requirement to attend the LDAS meetings, talks or observing events, joining the society does have added benefits.

  • Reduced price entry to our meetings, where you can listen to guest speakers and meet & chat with other people interested in astronomy
  • Monthly society newsletter (except in December) distributed by e-mail
  • FAS and SPA newsletters
  • Observing sessions, to view planets, stars & galaxies, etc, using the society’s telescopes
  • Use, after completion of training, of the society’s observatory, which houses a permanently mounted, driven, 14″ Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, based at the Standalone Farm Centre, Letchworth.
  • Use of the society’s astronomy library.
  • Access to society activities at reduced rates or for free. Some activities are exclusively for members.
  • Hire of some of the society’s telescopes, including 8″ & 6″ Dobsonian reflectors, a 4″ Newtonian reflector and 70mm refractors.
  • Subsidised visits to places of astronomical interest.
  • FAS Astro-calendars – on request at cost price
  • FAS Handbooks – on request at cost price

All this for a low cost subscription to the society.

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