Membership is open to anyone. You certainly don’t need to already be involved in astronomy, or even to own a telescope. All that’s required is an interest in the subject. We have members of all ages and with a wide range of knowledge, from complete beginners up to those producing professional quality images, and searching for extra-solar planets!

The society has a membership year which runs from 1st March to the last day of the following February.

Existing Members renew by paying a full annual subscription on each 1st March.

New Members pay a full annual subscription on joining. *

BENEFITS of joining the society.



RENEWAL process.

* If joining between 1st September and end of February however, you will be granted extended membership with your renewal not due until 1st March of the following subscription year. For example, if you join on 1st January 2015 you do not need to renew your subscription until 1st March 2016.

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