Public Star Parties

LDAS Public Star Parties are the society’s major outreach events, offering everyone an opportunity to see some of the wonders of the night sky. As well as the main telescope in the observatory itself, we have several other instruments, and society members also bring along their own equipment for visitors to use. There will be an introductory talk about the night sky and refreshments are usually available.

Visitors are also encouraged to bring their own telescopes. Whether you have a scope that you use, or one that’s in a box in the loft, then bring it along!

Here are some of the various types of objects you may be able to see:

  • Star clusters: Groups of stars, ranging from just a few up to thousands!
  • Nebula: A cloud of interstellar gas. Sometimes they are the result of a supernova – an exploding star – whilst others are vast clouds of gas out in space. They have all kinds of shapes, and names!
  • Our local galaxy, of which our sun is one of 300 billion stars, can be seen stretching across a dark sky as the Milky Way. The Andromeda Galaxy is the furthest object that can be seen with the naked eye, 2.5 million light-years away.
  • Planets: Saturn and Jupiter are firm favourites.

There is no charge for these events. You can arrive at whatever time is convenient and stay as long as you wish. Bring the family for an evening out with a difference!

Don’t forget to wear warm clothing!



If you would like to bring a group to these or any other LDAS event, please contact us.

You can also arrange for a special group to visit the observatory. Contact us for details.


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