Public Astronomy Sessions

What are these sessions?

As well as having people come to our observatory, we go out to the public. We take some telescopes out to town centres around the area and to other events. The idea is to give people a chance to look through a telescope as well as to talk with them about the society and our programme of events.

What will we be doing?

Public Astronomy Session LetchworthWe’ll have a gazebo – to act as an eye-catcher and to provide some shelter if needed (!) – and a few telescopes so the people can have a look at them and also use them to do some daylight observing. Depending on the telescopes available and the date (and the weather), we should be able to safely show the public sunspots and prominences on the Sun as well as the Moon and Venus.

We will of course also have information about the society and our activities, and we’ll be happy to talk with people about any aspect of astronomy.


If you are interested in a session in your town or would like an astronomy display at your village fete or festival, then contact to us to ask about future dates.

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