Membership Secretary

Name Robin Brough
Robin Brough
Position Membership Secretary
Over the years I have often looked skyward and thought about astronomy, the stars, and perhaps looking a bit closer and, just maybe, taking pictures. Often I have set the camera up on a tripod and tried to take pictures of eclipses or the moon without much success but had never got to the point of investing in a telescope.
In 2014 my son bought me “Astronomy for Dummies” and I started looking up through a pair of binoculars and realised that I still hadn’t got round to taking the pictures I had considered so many times. A brief encouragement session with my youngest in 2015 resulted in the purchase of a Celestron Nexster SE6 and a pile of camera adapters. I was ready for astrophotography………..Except it is never that easy!
Yes we looked and planets, yes we looked at stars BUT the idea of taking pictures eluded us completely.
At this point, after some unproductive months, I discovered LDAS on ‘tinterweb and found they had an astrophotography group. I visited, joined, took my first astro pictures, and became membership secretary. Since then I have also invested in a solar scope which is magical!
Other interests include Home brewing, photography, keep-fit, DIY, and my Abarth 500!

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